Prepare Now to Have Your 3 or 4 Year Old Child Screened

Early Childhood Screening is a tool to identify normal aspects of health development as well as potential problems for further evaluation. It includes developmental screening, speech assessment, vision and hearing screening, height, weight, and immunization reviews. Our mission is to connect families with available resources to help prepare for a positive early education experience.

Early Childhood Screenings are:
* Free
* Recommended at age 3
* Required for public school but open to anyone, whether they will attend public, private or home school.
* Required by the State of Minnesota 90 days prior to starting Kindergarten
* Not a Kindergarten entrance exam. All children will get into Kindergarten.
* About an hour and a half to two hours in length.

Register Online to set up your child's Early Childhood Screening:

Contact: Quinita Kase