Kasson-Mantorville School District has received an Early Childhood grant from the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation.  The grant requires a dollar for dollar match where 50% of the match must be in cash with the remainder being in-kind donations.  The match much be met within two years of the grant agreement.

We will be developing an early childhood coalition made up of individuals representing many sectors of our community.  This is a grant to be used with the community.  The target population will be all children five and under and their families.

K-M Community Education will manage the grant program but the community will be responsible for working with Community Education and help to identify local resources, develop an action plan, and evaluate the grants effectiveness.   

Vision Statement

To ensure all young children thrive and have a healthy life of learning, achieving, and succeeding. 

Mission Statement

To promote and support the health, well-being, and education of young children and their families in the Kasson-Mantorville community. 

Thank you to our current ECI Committee members for your ongoing support!

*Please contact Jenny Carrier, Director or Lauren Asprey, ECFE Teacher if you are interested in joining our committee. 

Contact: Jenny Carrier